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Discover 6 Digital Products Using AI That Can Earn You $5,000+ a Month!

Digital Products using AI

n a world where making money online seems like an elusive dream, the best part? You don’t need a fancy degree or a huge investment to get started. Digital Products Using AI are the products ahead of their game


I’m about to reveal five digital products that have the potential to bring in thousands of dollars a month.


These are the real game-changers that will open your eyes to the boundless money-making opportunities that await you. So, if you have the will, get ready to discover the way.

Digital Products Using AI #1: Digital Planners

Digital Products Using AI

If you’ve been following the self-help and self-care trend that has taken over in recent years, then you know the power of digital planners. With the rise of platforms like Etsy, you can create and sell digital planners to an eager market. In fact, some sellers on Etsy are making a staggering $17,000 a month selling digital planners for just $8 each. And the best part?


You can use AI to make the creation process a breeze. Simply use chat AI to generate layouts, use tools like Canva to design visually appealing planner pages, convert them into a PDF, and voila! You’re ready to start selling.

Digital Products Using AI #2: Clipart

Did you know that something as simple as clipart can bring in a massive income every month?


Teachers, designers, and DIY enthusiasts are constantly on the hunt for clipart to enhance their projects. You can create and sell your own clipart using the power of AI.


Tools like Night Cafe can generate any type of clipart you desire, and with the help of Canva, you can easily remove backgrounds and create stunning clipart. Simply upload your creations to Etsy with a transparent background, and watch the sales roll in.

Digital Products Using AI #3: Activity Books

Activity books are a hidden gem in the world of digital products.


From colouring books to puzzles, these interactive books keep kids and grown-ups alike entertained for hours. By creating your own activity books and selling them on platforms like Amazon, you can tap into a lucrative market.


AI tools like Book Bolt can help you create high-quality activity books easily, even if you have no prior experience. Plus, with their Chrome extension, you can uncover the most popular keywords and ensure your books get the visibility they deserve.

Digital Products Using AI #4: Virtual Services

With the shift in the way we work, selling virtual services has become a goldmine.


Whether you’re a skilled copywriter, social media manager, or content creator, there are businesses willing to pay top dollar for your expertise.


Platforms like Upwork provide a perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and attract clients. Create a professional profile, highlight your experience, and provide a portfolio to demonstrate your capabilities. With AI-powered tools like Canva, you can create stunning portfolios and attract high-paying clients.

Digital Products Using AI #5: Online Courses

If you have knowledge or a specific skill that can help others make money, why not create an online course?


People are always willing to pay to learn if they see value in what you offer.


Create a comprehensive course that covers the basics, provides a step-by-step process, and promises results. Showcasing your expertise and sharing success stories will give your course credibility and attract eager learners.


Unleash your creativity, break down your knowledge into digestible lessons, and who knows, you could be making thousands of dollars by empowering others to achieve their goals.

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Products: Everything You Need to Know

Want to delve deeper into the world of digital products and creating your digital solopreneur empire?


In a time where 9-to-5 jobs seem to offer little freedom and limited earning potential, the digital world presents us with endless opportunities.


Whether it’s selling digital planners, creating clipart, launching activity books, providing virtual services, or teaching through online courses, the possibilities are limitless.


So, embrace the power of AI, tap into your creativity, and start making money on your terms. The time is now, and the rewards are waiting. Don’t be left behind; seize the opportunity and transform your financial future.

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