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7 Remote Jobs for Beginners That Can Earn You Thousands (2023)

7 Remote Jobs for Beginners That Can Earn You Thousands

Discover the ultimate Remote Jobs for Beginners that not only promise to boost your income by thousands of dollars each month but can also lead you to a six-figure salary. Prepare to dive into a world of gaming support agents, video game coaches, and more!

Remote Jobs for Beginners: Escaping the 9-5 Grind

Are you tired of the traditional 9-5 grind and ready to embark on a remote career that can bring in serious cash? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll explore nine work-from-home jobs tailored specifically for beginners that have the potential to skyrocket your monthly earnings.

1. Gaming Support Agent at 5ca:

Gaming Support Agent at 5ca:​

If you’re a devoted gamer looking to turn your passion into a lucrative career, becoming a gaming support agent for 5ca might be your dream job. As a gaming support agent, you’ll assist players with technical issues, handle challenging customers, and explore the exciting realm of gaming culture. With an average annual salary of $40,000.

2. Video Game Coach at

If you’re exceptionally skilled in a specific video game, why not use your expertise to coach others? is a platform where gamers can learn from the best gaming coaches. As a video game coach, you’ll teach strategies, tips, and techniques to help players level up their game. With coaches making around $54,000 per year, this opportunity holds great potential, though the market can be highly competitive. 

3. Ads Quality Raider at

As an ads quality raider, you’ll evaluate the quality of ads displayed on various websites to ensure a user-friendly online experience. With flexible work schedules and potential remote opportunities, this role offers a chance to gain experience in the digital marketing industry. Paying about $55,000 per year.

4. Transcriptionist at

Looking for an entry-level remote job that requires minimal experience? Being a transcriptionist could be the perfect fit. offers opportunities to convert audio or video into written text. While it may seem repetitive, this role allows you to improve your typing skills and explore various industries. On, you can earn up to $20 per hour once you prove your skills. 

5. Writer at

Are you a wordsmith looking to showcase your talent? provides a platform to create articles, blog posts, and marketing copy for clients. Specializing in niche areas can help you attract high-paying clients. This role offers a flexible schedule, creative freedom, and the potential for diverse writing topics. However, self-discipline is crucial, and initial income may vary. 

6. Customer Service Representative at Alpine Home Air:

While customer service roles may be looked down upon, they can be an excellent starting point for remote jobs. Working as a customer service representative at Alpine Home Air, you’ll bridge the gap between the company and its customers. Though you may encounter challenging situations, this role allows for skill development in communication and opens doors for future career opportunities. 

7. Tutor at

If you excel in a subject that others find difficult, tutoring can be a rewarding and lucrative venture. offers opportunities to help students navigate challenging subjects, explain complex problems, and support them in accomplishing academic assignments. The pay varies depending on the subject, with specialized tutors earning significantly more. 


The world of remote work is teeming with opportunities for beginners. Whether you’re a gamer, wordsmith, or tech enthusiast, these 7 work-from-home jobs represent the perfect starting point to kickstart your remote career. 


Embrace the flexibility, freedom, and earning potential that comes with working remotely. So why wait? Unleash your potential and set out on your remote journey today!

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